Laser Applications Research Group

Laser Applications Research Group (LARG) is a research group funded by Ton Duc Thang University. Our general subject of interest is the application of laser based techniques in material processing and spectroscopy in particular ultrafast and terahertz spectroscopy. We investigate fabrication of nanomaterial by using laser ablation technique, optical properties of materials in THz regime by using THz time domain spectroscopy and nonlinear optical properties of material by using ultrafast optical Kerr effect and Z-scan techniques.


Arthropod Ecology and Biological Control Research Group

Arthropod ecology and biological control research group (AEBC) is a research group funded by Ton Duc Thang University. Sustainable growth requires the rapid development of safer agricultural practices and there is an urgent need to promote the production of healthy food while limiting the negative impact of excessive use of pesticides. Alternative solutions to chemical pest control (microbial agents, predators and parasitoids) should be preferred, but there is still considerable lack of knowledge in order to implement such solutions. Further research in agroecology, plant-arthropod interactions and applied entomology is essential to improving biological control strategies either directly or through the manipulation of pests and their natural enemies.


Sustainable Developments in Civil Engineering Research Group

Sustainable Developments in Civil Engineering Research Group (SDCE) is a research group funded by Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU) and attached to Faculty of Civil Engineering (TDTU). The research group creates a platform for idea exchanges and developments of common research activities of lecturers from Faculty of Civil Engineering (TDTU). These scientific activities can valorize the scientific production and enrich the teaching contents of the group’s members.


Evidence Based Medicine Research Group

Evidence based medicine is a stepping-stone on the way to the medical research achievements. We use an interdisciplinary approach including systematic review and meta-analysis, clinical research, and survey to help the medical practitioners to diagnose, predict and make decision in several diseases. Being a multinational group, we aim to attract more researchers to Ton Duc Thang University to compete with the most prestigious groups all over the world. We are working on several diverse medical fields including oncology, neurology, infectious diseases, pediatrics, ophthalmology and cardiology etc..


Computational Materials Physics Research Group

Computational Materials Physics Research Group (CMP) is a research group funded by Ton Duc Thang University. Computer simulation can provide detailed information of structure and various properties of materials at atomistic scale. Simulation of materials can be conducted by both classical and quantum methods and main methods used in our group are classical molecular dynamics (MD) and density functional theory (DFT). In our group, we employ both MD and DFT methods in order to study atomic/electronic structure and various behaviors of materials including liquid and amorphous materials, nanomaterials, quasicrystals and monoatomic layer materials (graphene, silicene …).